ACDS at a glance

As part of the pipeline, the source positions are sent to the Archival Catalogue and Database Subsystem (ACDS) for correlation with catalogues at the CDS. Below is a short description of the process, the products and the catalogues queried.

Correlation algorithm

The ACDS retains all archival catalogue entries located within the 99.73% confidence region (equivalent to 3 gaussian sigma) around the position of the EPIC detection. The corresponding error ellipse takes into account systematic and statistical uncertainties on the positions of both EPIC and archival catalogue entries as well as the sky extension for Simbad entries. No proper motion correction is applied to archival entries. The ACDS assumes that the error distribution of EPIC positions is represented by the 2-D Gaussian distribution. Further information can be found in Rosen et al. 2016, A&A, 590A. section 6.

Generated Products

short name format product ID description
cross-correlation results HTML XCORRE ACDS result home page
Searched catalogues FITS HTML SRCHD_ List of all catalogues searched, position error properties (columns used and statistical value) and cross-correlation statistics for the observation. This page provideslinks to the detailed descriptions of matching catalogues.
Catalogue descriptions HTML Dcatid Description file of the original catalog based on the Vizier READMEs or on specific descriptions for Chandra and Simbad
Source cross-correlation summary FITS HTML SRCSUM Correlations of EPIC sources with archival catalogues (sorted by EPIC source number). This page lists a summary of EPIC and catalogue data and provides links to finding charts and detailed catalogue extractions.
Source cross-correlation results FITS HTML SRCRES All measurements available for archival entries in correlation with EPIC sources. Entries are grouped by archival catalogue. Direct link to this page is available from the summary page.
FoV cross-correlation summary FITS HTML FOVSUM Archival catalogue entries found in EPIC field of view (sorted by right ascension) independently of their correlation with EPIC sources. The list of catalogues searched is a subset of those queried around EPIC positions. This page gives a summary of the archival data and provides links to detailed catalogue extractions.
FoV cross-correlation results FITS HTML FOVRES All measurements available for archival entries with positions within the EPIC field of view (independently of their correlation with EPIC sources). Entries are grouped by archival catalogue. Direct link to this page is available from the summary page.
Catalog plot PDF CATPLT Positions of a selection of archival catalogue entries present in the field of view overlayed on an EPIC image.
XMM-Rosat image PDF ROSIMG XMM images are shown as
red contours overlayed on a grey-scale ROSAT image extracted from pointed or survey observations. Green crosses show the positions of EPIC sources. This product is not generated when no ROSAT observation covers the EPIC field of view.
Finding chart PDF FCHART00srcnum Source finding chart
Source correlations FITS Scatid00srcnum EPIC source correlations

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Searched Catalogs Configuration

The list of searched catalogue contains lt lits of catalog EPIC sources are cross-correlated with. This list is update one or 2 times par year. Further information on one catalog is available by pasting its name in the Vizier search bar.

server cat Name ACDS id (catid) standard measurement
simbad simbad 0001A
vizir II/349/ps1 2349A gmag
vizir I/322A/out 1322A Vmag
vizir II/335/galex_ais 2335A NUVmag
vizir V/147/sdss12 5147A rmag
vizir II/328/allwise 2328A W1mag
vizir II/356/xmmom41s 2356A UVW1mAB
vizir J/A+A/478/659/table4 3478T Vmag
vizir J/A+A/588/A103/cat2rxs 3588T CRate
vizir IX/43/sources 9043A CR0
vizir J/ApJS/238/32/3maxi 3832T F4-10keV
vizir J/ApJS/238/32/table3 3833T F4-10keV
vizir IX/55/xmm3r8s 9055A Flux8
vizir IX/53/xmmsl2c 9053A FluxB8
vizir J/MNRAS/470/512/catalog IBIS1 Flux
vizir J/ApJS/223/15/table2 IBIS2 F20-40
vizir J/A+A/523/A61/table2 IBIS3 Flux
vizir B/mk/mktypes 2023A Mag
vizir J/AJ/142/138/Mdwarfs 5142T Vmag
vizir VII/278/snrs 7278A S(1GHz)
vizir J/MNRAS/483/5554/catalog 7483T EP8L
vizir J/ApJS/157/59/table2 1575B Lum
vizir VIII/82/mgpscat 8082A St
vizir B/psr/psr 2034A S1400
vizir J/MNRAS/384/1277/emitters 0478T r'mag
vizir II/321/iphas2 2321A rmha
vizir J/ApJ/836/99/table5 1836A Fcts
vizir VII/279/dr12q 7279A z.b
vizir J/A+A/585/A162/tablec1 3585A LX
vizir J/MNRAS/425/355/catalog 7425A W(Ha)
vizir J/A+A/373/63/table6 3373A RB
vizir J/MNRAS/461/3443/table5 7461A SNR
vizir J/A+A/534/A55/table5 3534A CRate
vizir J/ApJS/239/13/table4 2239A C0.35-8.0
vizir J/MNRAS/482/4570/gaia2wd 7482A Gmag
vizir J/A+A/455/1165/table1 GHMXB FX
vizir II/327/ysoc 2327A F90
vizir J/ApJS/229/28/xsources 2229C logFt
vizir J/AJ/149/7/tablea1 5149T Vmag
vizir J/AJ/130/586/20cm 5130A Sp20cm
vizir J/AJ/130/586/6cm 5130B Sp6cm
vizir J/A+A/586/A81/table5 3586A Fmax
vizir J/PASJ/55/161/table5 1005B S/N
vizir J/ApJS/161/185/table2 2161A FluxH
vizir J/ApJS/234/23/r90cat 2234A W1mag
vizir J/ApJS/234/23/c75cat 2234B W1mag
vizir VII/280/catalog 7280A z
vizir VII/250/2dfgrs 7250A z.obs
vizir VII/274/bzcat5 7274A z
vizir J/A+A/380/441/table1 3380A B25mag
vizir J/A+AS/141/123/table1 4141A Bmag
vizir J/ApJ/701/508/agn_mc 1701A [3.6]
vizir J/AcA/52/217/bul_sc 2052T Vmag
vizir VIII/100/gleamegc 8100B Fpwide
chandra CXC/V2/chandra 0003A flux_aper_avg_b
vizir B/denis/denis 0011A Imag
vizir B/cb/cbdata 0012A mag1
vizir B/cb/lmxbdata 0012B mag1
vizir B/cb/pcbdata 0012C mag1
vizir B/bax/bax 0013A Fx
vizir B/ocl/clusters 0014A Diam
vizir B/gcvs/gcvs_cat 0015A magMax
vizir B/wd/catalog 0016A Vmag
vizir I/305/out 1305A Fmag
vizir I/297/out 1297A Vmag
vizir I/284/out 1284A B1mag
vizir I/259/tyc2 1259A BTmag
vizir I/259/suppl_1 1259B VTmag
vizir I/252/out 1252A Bmag
vizir I/239/hip_main 1239A Vmag
vizir I/239/h_dm_com 1239B rho
vizir I/221/lmc 1221A Mag
vizir I/221/smc 1221B Mag
vizir I/345/gaia2 1345A Gmag
vizir II/305/catalog 2305A [3.6]
vizir II/298/fis 2298A S90
vizir II/297/irc 2297A S09
vizir II/295/SSTGC 2295A Ksmag
vizir II/295/GC-IRAC 2295B Flux
vizir II/293/glimpse 2293A Jmag
vizir II/246/out 2246A Jmag
vizir II/236/lmc 2236A Vmag
vizir II/236/smc 2236B Vmag
vizir II/236/lmc_sp 2236C Vmag
vizir II/236/smc_sp 2236D Vmag
vizir II/236/lmc_sp2 2236E Vmag
vizir II/228A/denisLMC 2228A Imag
vizir II/228A/denisSMC 2228B Imag
vizir II/213/pvar 2213A Imag
vizir II/207A/catalog 2207A Vmag1
vizir II/156A/main 2156A Fnu12
vizir II/125/main 2125A Fnu_12
vizir II/106/catalog 2106A Gmag
vizir J/ApJS/181/227/table2 0731T F24um
vizir III/279/rave_dr5 3279A ImagD
vizir III/215/table13 3215A GLAT
vizir III/205/catalog 3205A Vmag
vizir III/198/main 3198A VMag
vizir III/147/catalog 3147A Vmag
vizir III/67A/catalog 3067A Vmag
vizir III/43/main 3043A Pmag
vizir V/123A/cv 5123A Maxmag
vizir V/114/msx6_main 5114A A
vizir V/114/msx6_gp 5114B A
vizir V/106/hmxbcat HMXBA Fx
vizir V/106/lmxbcat HMXBB Fx
vizir V/70A/catalog 5070A Vmag
vizir V/50/catalog 5050A Vmag
vizir VII/259/6dfgs 7259A bJmag
vizir VII/259/spectra 7259B z
vizir VII/258/vv10 7258A Vmag
vizir VII/259/spectra 7249A Target
vizir VII/264/sbs 7246A Jmag
vizir VII/241/2qz 7241A bJmag
vizir VII/237/pgc 7237A PGC
vizir VII/234/catalog 7234A Imag
vizir VII/233/xsc 7233A J.K20e
vizir VII/225B/catalog 7225A Imag
vizir VII/221/pscz 7221A S12
vizir VII/213/groups 7213A TotMag
vizir VII/209A/cgmw1 7209A CGMW
vizir VII/209A/cgmw2 7209B CGMW
vizir VII/209A/cgmw3 7209C CGMW
vizir VII/209A/cgmw4 7209D CGMW
vizir VII/209A/cgmw5 7209E CGMW
vizir VII/203/catalog 7203A mag
vizir VII/202/catalog 7202A Rsun
vizir VII/193/zcat 7193A Vh
vizir VII/193/zbig 7193B z
vizir VII/189/table1 7189A P
vizir VII/185/catalog 7185A Hvel
vizir VII/181/table2 7181A Flux
vizir VII/181/table3 7181B Flux
vizir VII/181/table4 7181C Flux
vizir VII/181/table5 7181D Flux
vizir VII/175/table3 7175A M1
vizir VII/172/table7 7172A Mag
vizir VII/170/catalog 7170A Diam
vizir VII/157/12micron 7157A F12
vizir VII/155/rc3 7155A Bmag
vizir VII/145/catalog 7145A MB
vizir VII/113/xcat 7113A Fnu_12
vizir VII/89B/catalog 7089A Ngal
vizir VII/34C/catalog 7034A MajAxis
vizir VII/26D/catalog 7026A Pmag
vizir VIII/84/7c 8084A Sint
vizir VIII/81B/sumss212 8081B Sp
vizir VIII/97/catalog 8097 Sp
vizir VIII/92/first14 8071A Fpeak
vizir VIII/69A/wish11 8069A S
vizir VIII/65/nvss 8065A S1.4
vizir VIII/62/wenss 8062A Speak
vizir VIII/50/catalog 8050A F1.5
vizir VIII/42/txs 8042A S365
vizir VIII/40/gb6 8040A Flux
vizir VIII/38/pmns 8038A Flux
vizir VIII/38/pmnz 8038B Flux
vizir VIII/38/pmnt 8038C Flux
vizir VIII/38/pmne 8038D Flux
vizir VIII/16/mrcj2000 8016A S408
vizir VIII/15/pkscat90 8015A S2700
vizir VIII/13/catalog 8013A Flux
vizir IX/35/survey 9035A c100A
vizir IX/35/deepsurv 9035B c100DS
vizir IX/35/detect 9035C c100A
vizir IX/35/faint 9035D CRate
vizir IX/35/rap 9035E c100A
vizir IX/32/rosat 9032A CR
vizir IX/30/2rxp 9030A Crate
vizir IX/29/rass_fsc 9029A Count
vizir IX/28A/hricat 9028A CRate
vizir IX/18/catalog 9018A cts1
vizir IX/15/catalog 9015A ctrate
vizir IX/13/2e 9013A Crate
vizir IX/10A/1rxs 9010A Count
vizir IX/10A/1rxs_cor 9010B Flux1
vizir J/A+A/316/147/table1 0071T Rate
vizir J/A+A/335/467/table3 0152T CR
vizir J/A+A/527/A126/catalog 0161T scep_8Flux
vizir J/A+AS/106/303/table2 0170T Counts
vizir J/A+AS/110/469/table3a 0181T Count
vizir J/A+AS/114/465/table2 0201T obsCount
vizir J/A+AS/114/465/table4 0202T Count
vizir J/A+AS/114/465/table5 0203T obsCount
vizir J/A+AS/132/341/table5 0291T Vmag
vizir J/A+AS/136/81/table1 0305T Crate
vizir J/A+AS/139/277/table1 0307T CR
vizir J/A+AS/142/41/table2 0309T CR
vizir J/A+AS/143/391/table4 0311T Rate
vizir J/A+AS/147/75/table3 0313T CRate
vizir J/AJ/115/2587/table1 0341T CountRate
vizir J/ApJ/502/558/table3 0701T FX
vizir J/ApJ/519/533/table1 0703T CtRate
vizir J/ApJS/111/163/table5 0461T CTXray
vizir J/ApJS/111/163/table6 0462T CTXray
vizir J/ApJS/111/163/table7 0463T CRXray
vizir J/ApJS/133/1/table2 0466T FluxH
vizir J/ApJS/134/77/table2 0467T F3
vizir J/ApJS/117/319/table1 0710T CRate
vizir J/ApJS/117/319/table2 0711T CRate
vizir J/ApJS/129/547/table1 0713T Sx
vizir J/ApJS/129/547/table2 0714T Sx
vizir J/ApJ/660/239/table1 0730T zph
vizir J/MNRAS/260/77/table1 0471T S2a
vizir J/MNRAS/274/1165/catalog 0472T S1
vizir J/MNRAS/274/1194/table1 0473T S1
vizir J/MNRAS/318/333/table1 0475T CRVTP
vizir J/MNRAS/301/881/table3 0476T CR(VTP)
vizir J/MNRAS/311/456/rixos 0477T XCR
vizir J/ApJS/90/173/j2000 0511T Flux
vizir J/MNRAS/294/607/7cg 0531T S(in)
vizir J/A+AS/102/451/table2 0551T MA
vizir J/A+AS/141/123/table1 0562T Bmag
vizir J/A+A/380/441/table1 0563T B25mag
vizir J/ApJS/96/461/table2 0571T Flux
vizir J/ApJS/121/287/cfa2s 0586T mZW
vizir J/MNRAS/278/1025/galaxy 0591T Bj
vizir J/MNRAS/289/263/catalog 0601T Xmag
vizir J/MNRAS/301/881/table3 0612T CR
vizir J/PASP/111/438/catalog 0621T Bmag
vizir J/ApJS/129/475/cnoc0223 0631T Imag
vizir J/AJ/123/855/table1 0650T Vmag
vizir J/other/PNAOJ/6.1/kug2_2 0661T Bmag

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